How to get a driver’s license in Florida

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How to get a driver’s license in Florida

The driver’s license is a must item here in the US. It’s a must to drive cars, prove your identity, get special discounts for residents and buy alcohol. This is my record to get a driver’s license in Florida. If you are a foreigner who have SSN or an immigrant, this post is useful. Because I’m an alien with working visa.

Step1: Prepare your documents

Be sure to check your document to avoid a second trip to a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office just for submitting your documents. You may see all documents what you need to bring on Gather Go Get.

In my case, I had to bring items below:

  • I-94 with Passport
  • Social Security card
  • W-2 from
  • Mail from financial institutions

In addition, I brought my international driver’s license to skip 4 hour alcohol and drug class and exam. If you have a driver’s license in your country, it’s better to get an international driver’s license before you fly to the US.

Step2: Study for computer test

If you are not familiar with US road laws, You should learn the rules and laws before you waste your money and time. According to my experience, I recommend this site,

But be careful, FL practice test 1 to 5 are not enough to pass the computer test, so don’t forget to take “FL Fines and Limits Test.”

Step3: Visit an office and take a computer test

Are you ready to take an exam? You can find the nearest office on Gather, Go Get.

Usually, you can have a test without an appointment, but if you want to make an appointment, they have an online system. The test consists of two parts. Each part has 20 questions and they allow you to make at most 5 mistakes per part.

Once you arrive at an office, show your documents to a staff and tell them that you want to take a computer test for driver’s license class E (Class E is a license for non-commercial vehicles).

In my case, it took about 1 hour to get a learner license, but the test is within 10 minutes.

  • Show documents and get a waiting number at reception
  • Confirm documents with staff
  • Take a computer test
  • Take a photo and write a signature
  • Answer some question like whether committed traffic violations and so on
  • Pay $48 (Tips: At the time, they accepted credit card as well as cash. If you pass a computer test and driving test without retake, this is the last time to pay at DMV offices.)
  • Get your learner license

Step4: Make an appointment for driving test

Congratulations! You passed a computer test. The next step is making an appointment for driving test on OASIS.

Step5: Take a driving test

This is the last step to be a driver! Don’t forget to follow traffic rules all the time. Driving test consists of following tests:

  • Check lamps (brake lamps, turn signals, headlight and so on)
  • Head in parking
  • Right turn and left turn
  • 3 point turn
  • Stop quickly (Driving at 20MPH and stop immediately when tester says STOP)
  • Backing up at a slow speed
  • Follow stop-sign

In my case, driving test took about 10 minutes.

Always make sure whether there is a stop-sign or not! I was almost missing the last stop-sign.